The local action plan for youth policy of city of Novi Sad 2019 – 2022

THE EUROPEAN YOUTH CENTER OF VOJVODINA coordinated the program of drafting the Local Action
Plan for Youth Policy of the City of Novi Sad for the period from 2019 to 2022. The Center was supported
by 20 organizations from the territory of the City of Novi Sad, of which 8 organizations together with
EUROPEAN YOUTH CENTER OF VOJVODINA delegated their members to the Commission for the drafting of this strategic document.

The Local Action Plan for Youth (hereinafter: LAP) is a strategic city document that defines priority areas
for youth and activities that respond to the specific needs of young people of a particular environment.
The LAP provides a contribution to the implementation of the goals and priorities of the National Youth
Strategy at the local level, as well as other sectoral strategies that affect the lives of persons and
international documents in the field of youth policy. Through the process of creating and implementing
LAP for young people, local self-governments provide: planned and long-term satisfaction of young
people's needs by creating measures and services tailored to the needs of youth in the local
environment; more economical use of existing resources (material, technical and human); improving the
cooperation of local institutions and organizations by their networking; more economical and efficient
use of the municipal budget for youth programs; possibility of successful use of alternative sources of
The action plan itself can’t answer all the challenges that young people in Novi Sad live in. LAP can set
key priorities, goals and measures, as well, to propose mechanisms for cooperation and institutional
support systems for young people in Novi Sad.
In joint activities, youth associations and youth and the City, they have come up with a coordinated
process in which LAP is no longer regarded as a document but an affirmative process that brings
together youth policy actors and which ensures accountability in the implementation.
Only by working jointly with elements and subjects of youth policy, by investing resources in the
effective implementation of goals and measures, by cross-sectoral cooperation and by measuring the
effects, it is possible to expect an improved living situation of the young people in the City, for which this
document is being created.